PS 87
Latebreaking: Urban Ecosystems

Friday, August 15, 2014: 8:30 AM-10:30 AM
Exhibit Hall, Sacramento Convention Center
Land pattern dynamics of a tropical island in the context of urban sprawl and forest regrowth
Qiong Gao, University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras; Mei Yu, University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras
Mass changes of six migratory passerine species during stopover at a small, isolated urban patch
Julian Rondon-Rivera, Rutgers University; Claus Holzapfel, Rutgers University; Michael Newhouse, NJ Meadowlands Commission
Twitter as a data resource for understanding human-wildlife interactions in urban ecosystems
Mary Z. Fuka, EnPhysica LLC; Jeremiah D. Osborne-Gowey, Feather River Consulting and Oregon State University; Daniel R. Fuka, Virginia Tech
PS 87-259
Evaluating the success of the western burrowing owl in a suburban desert landscape (widthdrawn)
Kerrie Anne T. Loyd, Arizona State University; Joseph J. Osinski, Arizona State University; Savanna S. Bailey, Arizona State University; Ruth Anne Ford, Arizona State University
The effect of urbanization on the plumage of white-crowned sparrows (Zonotrichia leucophyrs)
Jesi Hessong, George Mason University; David A. Luther, George Mason University; Elizabeth Derryberry, Louisiana State University
Fungal community composition of urban riparian soils
Julia R. Greendyk, Montclair State University; Carolyn E. Haines, Montclair State University; Myla F.J Aronson, Rutgers University; Jennifer Adams Krumins, Montclair State University
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