PS 86
Latebreaking: Trophic Dynamics And Interactions

Friday, August 15, 2014: 8:30 AM-10:30 AM
Exhibit Hall, Sacramento Convention Center
Predicting food web structure and robustness
Adam D. Canning, Massey University; Russell G. Death, Massey University; Mike K. Joy, Massey University
Influences of food web dynamics on mutli-host vector-borne pathogen tranmission: Using Chagas disease as model system
Christina Pilar Varian, University of Georgia; Azael Saldana, Gorgas Memorial Institute for Health Studies; Jose Calzada, Gorgas Memorial Institute for Health Studies; Nicole Gottdenker, University of Georgia
Shifts between synchronous and asynchronous population dynamics in a pelagic jellyfish-zooplankton-phytoplankton food web
Holly F. Swift, University of California-Merced; Michael Dawson, University of California-Merced
Weighing interaction strength in stream food webs: Importance of incorporating density data
M. Ceneviva-Bastos, Sao Paulo State University; Kirk O. Winemiller, Texas A&M University; L. Casatti, Sao Paulo State University
Does degradation affect diet composition of stream predators?
Kaylin R. Boeckman, Murray State University; Scot D. Peterson, Murray State University; Howard H. Whiteman, Murray State University
Deer exclosures impacts on bee communities in northeastern temperate forests
Caroline DeVan, New Jersey's Science and Technology University; Daniel E. Bunker, New Jersey Institute of Technology
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