2017 ESA Annual Meeting (August 6 -- 11)

WK 23 - Firming Up Your Soft Skills: A Crash Course in Team Science for Ecologists

Sunday, August 6, 2017: 12:00 PM-5:00 PM
B111, Oregon Convention Center
Kaitlin J. Farrell
Ian M. McCullough and Sarah L. Bartlett
As the scope of scientific research becomes more complex and global in scale, ecologists must increasingly work within interdisciplinary networks in which expertise is shared and solutions are developed collectively. However, ‘soft skills’ in effective team leadership, maintaining collaborations, and facilitating scientific discussions and projects are often not a focus of traditional graduate student training. At this workshop, members of the Global Lakes Ecological Observatory Network (GLEON) Graduate Fellowship Program will provide a crash course in some of the core skills that are increasingly important to ecologists of all career stages, including interdisciplinary collaboration best practices, group facilitation, and leadership. This workshop will use a combination of group discussions, small-group scenarios, and a guided self-assessment of leadership and collaboration styles to help participants feel better equipped for productive and enjoyable interdisciplinary research. We invite ecologists of all sub-disciplines and career stages to participate in this half-day workshop.

Registration Fee: $25

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