2017 ESA Annual Meeting (August 6 -- 11)

WK 51 - What Editors Want: An Author's Guide to Scientific Journal Publishing

Wednesday, August 9, 2017: 8:00 PM-10:00 PM
B115, Oregon Convention Center
Sue Silver
Who cares what Editors want? In short, you do, if you want to publish your work in a scientific journal. Research publications are key to building a successful career in science, yet early-career researchers usually receive little or no formal instruction on how to get their papers past the dreaded “Reject without review” hurdle, into peer review, and onward to successful publication.  This workshop will provide clear, practical guidance and instruction on how to choose the right journal, how to write a cover letter, and how to deal with decision letters (including rejection),  as well as providing advice on raising the impact of the paper after publication. There will also be lots of time for Q&A.

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