PS 76
Latebreaking: Invasion

Friday, August 15, 2014: 8:30 AM-10:30 AM
Exhibit Hall, Sacramento Convention Center
The distribution of invasive Celastrus orbiculatus in an anthropogenically disturbed riparian ecosystem
Shabana Hoosein, SUNY University at Albany; George Robinson, State University of New York at Albany
Limited range expansion of an introduced parasitoid is not caused by a genetic bottleneck
Cheryl L. Bowker, Colorado State University; Paul J. Ode, Colorado State University
Predicting the spread of the noxious rangeland weed medusahead in California: Importance of dispersal vectors
Robyn M. Reeder, UC Berkeley; Emily C. Farrer, UC Berkeley; George K. Roderick, UC Berkeley; Katharine N. Suding, University of California at Berkeley
Do introduced fish negatively affect California pond communities by changing amphibian and invertebrate dynamics?
Hilary B. Rollins, Case Western Reserve University; Michael F. Benard, Case Western Reserve University
Consumer-resource interactions: Seeds, mice and cats on Guadalupe Island, Mexico
Luciana Luna-Mendoza, University of Auckland; Mick Clout, University of Auckland; David Choquenot, University of Canberra; Alfonso Aguirre-Muñoz, Grupo de Ecología y Conservación de Islas, A.C.; James Russell, University of Auckland
Factors controlling microbial responses to Alliaria petiolata (garlic mustard) invasion in northeastern mixed forests
Mark A. Anthony, University of New Hampshire; Serita Frey, University of New Hampshire; Kristina A. Stinson, Harvard University
Anatomy of an invasive metapopulation: The California nonnative red fox 
Jennifer L. Brazeal, University of California, Davis; Benjamin N. Sacks, University of California, Davis
Methods to increase participation in an invasive aquatic plant monitoring program in Michgian, USA
Angela A. DePalma Dow, Michigan State University; Jo Latimore, Michigan State University
Modeling the climate and hydrological controls of the expansion of an invasive grass over southern Arizona
Andrea Mathias, University of Arizona, Tucson; Guo-Yue Niu, University of Arizona; Xubin Zeng, University of Arizona
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