95th ESA Annual Meeting (August 1 -- 6, 2010)

PS 11 - Competition

Monday, August 2, 2010: 4:30 PM-6:30 PM
Exhibit Hall A, David L Lawrence Convention Center
Priority effects in sessile herbivore interactions
Mailea Miller-Pierce, University of Rhode Island; Evan Preisser, University of Rhode Island
Competition affects the distribution of dwarf mistletoe (Arceuthobium spp.) in Central Mexico
Mónica E. Queijeiro-Bolaños, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México; Zenón Cano-Santana, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
Lianas and saplings have similar effects on seedling performance in a tropical forest understory
Alexandra J. Wright, Bard College; Michael F. Tobin, University of Houston-Downtown; Scott A. Mangan, Washington University in St. Louis; Stefan A. Schnitzer, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
Sierra Nevada subalpine meadow plant competition across a moisture gradient
Jim Alford, Sacramento City College; Jamie M. Kneitel, California State University, Sacramento
Pollen interference in Echinacea angustifolia from 3 co-flowering species in the Asteraceae
Allegra Halverson, McGill University; Stuart Wagenius, Chicago Botanic Garden
Relaxation of herbivory selects for higher interference competitive ability in Solidago altissima
Akane Uesugi, Cornell University; Robert Bode, Cornell University; Andre Kessler, Cornell University
An empirical test of the aggregation model of coexistence and consequences for coexistence of container-dwelling Aedes mosquitoes
Joseph E. Fader, Illinois State University; Steven A. Juliano, Illinois State University
Revisiting the causes of cyanobacteria blooms: a mixture model analysis of resource competition and abiotic factors
Colin T. Kremer, Yale University; Elena Litchman, Michigan State University; Paula de Tezanos Pinto, University of Buenos Aires; Ian Dworkin, Michigan State University; Christopher A. Klausmeier, Michigan State University
Relative abundance and habitat use of two larval salamanders in western Kentucky
Thomas L. Anderson, University of Missouri; Howard Whiteman, Murray State University
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