95th ESA Annual Meeting (August 1 -- 6, 2010)

PS 78 - Reptiles and Amphibians

Thursday, August 5, 2010: 4:30 PM-6:30 PM
Exhibit Hall A, David L Lawrence Convention Center
Cutaneous microbiota as an innate immune defense in amphibians
Jenifer Banning Walke, Virginia Tech; Lisa K. Belden, Virginia Tech
The role of symbiotic microbes on amphibian disease prevention
Matthew H. Becker, Virginia Tech; Robert M. Brucker, Vanderbilt University; Jenifer B. Walke, Virginia Tech; Reid N. Harris, James Madison University and Amphibian Survival Alliance; Brian Gratwicke, Smithsonian National Zoo & Conservation Biology Institute; Kevin P. C. Minbiole, Villanova University; Louise A. Rollins-Smith, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine; Lisa K. Belden, Virginia Tech
CANCELLED - Does eutrophication contribute to disease emergence? A case study of an emerging amphibian pathogen
Vanessa M. Schroeder, Washington University in St. Louis; Kevin G. Smith, Washington University in St. Louis
Interactive effects of chytrid, contaminant, and predatory stressors on Woodhouse's Toad (Anaxyrus woodhousii) tadpoles
Jennifer R. Brown, University of South Dakota; Jacob Kerby, University of South Dakota
A pilot study examining the role of conspecific chemical cues affecting juvenile American toad (Bufo americanus) orientation behavior
Samantha L. Rumschlag, Denison University; Tian Lan, Denison University; Rebecca N. Homan, Denison University
Effects of urbanization on life history traits in two anurans
Matthew A. Jennette, Towson University; Joel. W Snodgrass, Towson University
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