95th ESA Annual Meeting (August 1 -- 6, 2010)

PS 14 - Herbivory: Plant Defenses

Monday, August 2, 2010: 4:30 PM-6:30 PM
Exhibit Hall A, David L Lawrence Convention Center
Volatile specificity as an inducible defense: An investigation of volatile chemistry as a form of top down regulation of herbivory in Lindera benzoin
Erin Jo Tiedeken, Trinity College Dublin; Katherine R. Goodrich, Widener University; Christine M. Ingersoll, Muhlenberg College; Richard A. Niesenbaum, Muhlenberg College
Herbivore defense in three species of Amazonian Cecropia from Peru
Sarabeth B. Brockley, Moravian College; Molly A. DuVall, Moravian College; John M. Bevington, Moravian College
Goldenrod beetle larval, adult and combined feeding fails to influence end of season Solidago altissima rhizome allelochemical levels
Robert H. Johnson III, Medaille College; Rayko Halitschke, Cornell University; Andre Kessler, Cornell University
Ecosystem engineers alter the response of insect herbivores to oak foliar phenolics
H. George Wang, Smithsonian Institution; Robert J. Marquis, University of Missouri - St. Louis; Jennifer Wouk, University of Missouri - St. Louis
Evolutionary and ecological consequences of natural selection by herbivory on Solidago altissima defense and growth strategies
Robert Bode, Cornell University; Akane Uesugi, Cornell University; Andre Kessler, Cornell University
Silica deters herbivory in Cucurbits: Potential links to climate change
Kristine Callis, University of California-Irvine; Heather McAuslane, University of Florida; Kaoru Kitajima, University of Florida
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