95th ESA Annual Meeting (August 1 -- 6, 2010)

COS 68 - Environmental Gradients

Wednesday, August 4, 2010: 1:30 PM-5:00 PM
408, David L Lawrence Convention Center
Kimberly A. Franklin
1:30 PM
Physiology and responses to salinity of the coastal legume Strophostyles umbellata
Spencer N. Bissett, Virginia Commonwealth University; Donald R. Young, Alaska Department of Fish and Game
1:50 PM
Dominant plant species determine ecosystem response to multiple resource additions across a precipitation gradient
Kimberly J. La Pierre, UC Berkeley; Dana M. Blumenthal, USDA, Agricultural Research Service; Cynthia Brown, Colorado State University; Julia A. Klein, Colorado State University; Melinda Smith, Colorado State University
2:10 PM
Spatial patterns of diversity of the ungulate community in Serengeti National Park, East Africa
Smriti Bhotika, University of Florida; Robert D. Holt, University of Florida
2:30 PM
An adaptive cline in life history, developmental timing and allocation in Arabidopsis thaliana associated with altitude
Alicia Montesinos Navarro, University of Pittsburgh; Jennifer Wig, University of Pittsburgh; Stephen J. Tonsor, University of Pittsburgh
2:50 PM
CANCELLED - Topographical controls on wildland fire radiative energy: Two case studies from southeastern Ohio
Loredana G. Suciu, Ohio University; Matthew B. Dickinson, US Forest Service; James M. Dyer, Ohio University; Robert L. Kremens, Rochester Institution of Technology; Valerie L. Young, Ohio University; Anthony S. Bova, US Forest Service
3:10 PM
3:20 PM
Phytoplankton temperature-response traits determine biogeography and seasonal succession patterns
Mridul K. Thomas, Michigan State University; Elena Litchman, Michigan State University; Christopher A. Klausmeier, Michigan State University
3:40 PM
Quantifying the effects of topography, substrate, and land-use history on aboveground biomass in a California ecosystem
Kyla M. Dahlin, National Center for Atmospheric Research; Gregory Asner, Carnegie Institution for Science; Chris Field, Carnegie Institution for Science
4:20 PM
Trends in species richness for the genus Passiflora and its lepidopteran herbivores along an elevational gradient in the Eastern Ecuadorean Andes
Mattias Lanas, Stanford University (SEEDS student); Lee A. Dyer, University of Nevada; Rodolfo Dirzo, Stanford University