95th ESA Annual Meeting (August 1 -- 6, 2010)

COS 8 - Restoration Ecology I

Monday, August 2, 2010: 1:30 PM-5:00 PM
408, David L Lawrence Convention Center
Ryan P. Klopf
1:30 PM
Diversity, similarity and resilience of arthropods in response to the restoration of former pine plantations
John Curtis Burkhalter, Rutgers University; Anthony Rossi, University of North Florida
1:50 PM
CANCELLED - The application of Bayesian modeling in planning and evaluating the restoration of grassland ecosystems
Richard K. Lancaster, Colorado State University; Cynthia S. Brown, Colorado State University; Mark W. Paschke, Colorado State University; Charles Anderson, Southern Illinois University
2:10 PM
Resource availability and planted longleaf pine (Pinus palustris) seedling response across canopy gaps in a loblolly pine (Pinus taeda) forest
Benjamin O. Knapp, Clemson University; G. Geoff Wang, Clemson University; Joan L. Walker, USDA Forest Service
2:30 PM
Relative roles of founder population size, propagule stage, and life-history in the persistence of reintroduced plant populations
Matthew A. Albrecht, Missouri Botanical Garden; Joyce Maschinski, Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden
2:50 PM
Modelling the growth of parasitic plants modelling the growth of parasitic plants
Yann Hautier, University of Minnesota; Andrew Hector, University of Zürich; Eva Vojtech, University of Zurich; Drew Purves, Microsoft Reserach, Cambridge; Lindsay A. Turnbull, University of Zürich
3:10 PM
3:40 PM
The Fungal Connection: Ectomycorrhizal community and environmental responses to forest restoration treatments in Northern Mississippi
A. J. Anjel Craig, University of Mississippi; Jason D. Hoeksema, University of Mississippi; J. Stephen Brewer, University of Mississippi
4:00 PM
State-and-transition modelling for adaptive management of native woodlands in south-eastern Australia
Libby Rumpff, The University of Melbourne; David H. Duncan, University of Melbourne; Peter A. Vesk, The University of Melbourne; David A. Keith, Department of Environment and Climate Change New South Wales; Brendan A. Wintle, University of Melbourne
4:20 PM
Untangling the factors limiting restoration: Propagule and microsite availability, non-native dominants, and disturbance
Amanda Stanley, Institute for Applied Ecology; Peter W. Dunwiddie, University of Washington; Thomas N. Kaye, Institute for Applied Ecology
4:40 PM
Control of reed canary grass (Phalaris arundinaceae) improves tree regeneration in an Upper Mississippi River floodplain forest
Meredith A. Thomsen, University of Wisconsin - La Crosse; Kurt Brownell, St. Paul District, US Army Corps of Engineers; Eileen Kirsch, USGS Upper Mississippi Environmental Science Center