95th ESA Annual Meeting (August 1 -- 6, 2010)

COS 26 - Stable Isotope Applications & Genetic and Molecular Techniques

Tuesday, August 3, 2010: 8:00 AM-11:30 AM
410, David L Lawrence Convention Center
Joseph J. Nocera
8:00 AM
Flux by fin: Using stable isotopes to trace fish mediated carbon and nutrient flux in the n.e. Gulf of Mexico
James A. Nelson, Floridat State University; Jeffery P. Chanton, Florida State University; Christopher C. Koenig, Florida State University; Felicia C. Coleman, Florida State University
8:20 AM
Sources and transformations of carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus in the Potomac River: Management, climate, and long-term recovery
Michael Pennino, University of Maryland, Baltimore County; Sujay S. Kaushal, University of Maryland; Sudhir Murthy, D.C. Water and Sewer Authority; Lora Harris, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science
8:40 AM
Three coexisting tree species rooted in fractured bedrock on the Edwards Plateau do not partition water
Kelly R. Goodsheller, Texas State University; Susanne Schwinning, Texas State University; Benjamin F. Schwartz, Texas State University
9:00 AM
Tracking stream nitrogen sources using isotopes:  implications for managing coastal eutrophication and urban sustainability
Sujay S. Kaushal, University of Maryland; Peter M. Groffman, Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies; Lawrence E. Band, University of North Carolina; Emily M. Elliott, University of Pittsburgh; Catherine A. Shields, University of California, Santa Barbara; Carol Kendall, U.S. Geological Survey; Paul Mayer, USEPA, National Health and Environmental Research Laboratory; Tamara A. Newcomer, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science
9:20 AM
Historical declines in chimney swift populations are associated with dramatic changes in insect prey consumption
Leah Finity, Trent University; John P. Smol, Queen's University; T. Kurt Kyser, Queen's University; Matthew W. Reudink, Trent University; Jules M. Blais, University of Ottawa; Chris Grooms, Queen's University; Joseph J. Nocera, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources
9:40 AM
9:50 AM
Genetic distinctiveness and population size trends of a peripheral metapopulation of the southern two-lined salamander (Eurycea cirrigera) in Will County, Illinois
Maria Boyle, Chicago State University; Eric L. Peters, Chicago State University; Timothy J. Bell, Chicago State University; Olga Tsyusko, The University of Kentucky
10:10 AM
CANCELLED - Genomic data from unculturable, environmental microorganisms:  Advances in single cell genomics
Michael S. Fitzsimons, Los Alamos National Laboratory; Armand E. K. Dichosa, Los Alamos National Laboratory; Chien-Chi Lo, Los Alamos National Laboratory; Pavel V. Senin, Los Alamos National Laboratory; Xiaojing Zhang, Los Alamos National Laboratory; Yvonne C. Rogers, Los Alamos National Laboratory; John C. Detter, Los Alamos National Laboratory; Patrick S. G. Chain, Los Alamos National Laboratory; Cliff S. Han, Los Alamos National Laboratory
10:30 AM
Innovative timber tracking for Swietenia macrophylla using genetic fingerprints
Bernd Degen, vTI - Institute of Forest Genetics; Sheila E. Ward, Mahogany for the Future, Inc.; Carlos Navarro, Universidad Nacional; Stephen Cavers, Center for Ecology and Hydrology; Alexandre Sebbenn, Instituto Florestal de São Paulo
11:10 AM
The role of Charadriiformes for the cross-continental movement of avian influenza
Heinrich zu Dohna, UC Davis; Jinling Li, UC Davis; Tim E. Carpenter, UC Davis